7 Essential Tips to Manage Logistics for Small Business

Regardless of your business type, logistics is an integral part of any enterprise, both small and big ones. It deals with what, where, when, and how materials should be distributed, either from supplier or to the clients. In the process of delivering products and services to the customers, it is crucial for business owners to

Guide for Powerful Employer Branding in Logistics and Supply Chain

Nobody wants to be trapped in a fraud company whos name no one ever heard of. Owing to that reason, ‘employer branding’ has become the new hiring strategy for logistics and supply chain leaders who want to fetch the best talents. Amidst today’s fierce business competition, building positive branding is no longer merely nice-to-have, but

How to Leave an Interview with Positive Note and Land a Job in Logistics?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Will Rogers Being a fresh graduate entering the professional world, you must have heard that first impression is a big deal in an interview. To prepare for an interview for logistics job, you have learnt on how to leave a good impression for

5 Hiring Hacks in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In today’s globalised world, it is no secret that logistics and supply chain industry is undergoing a rapid growth and significant growth. With Asia Pacific regions, including Singapore, emerge as global logistics hubs, supply chain management garners new attention as one of the most promising career paths in the future. Both logistics and supply chain

Skills in Demands in Logistics and Supply Chain in 2017

As more countries are open to global trade, logistics and supply chain jobs become one among the most prospective career options for young talents. With the Baby Boomer is soon entering the retirement phase, the industry could expect to see an influx of Millennials joining the workforce. The job market in the industry is expanding

How to Overcome Supply Chain Talent Shortage Crisis in 2017?

Technology has carried significant changes in all businesses, including in supply chain and logistics. Rapid transformation across industries also mean that supply chain organisations require agile employees to stay ahead of the competition. Along with the rise of machines, talents are required to stay abreast of the new technology and update their knowledge with new

What will be the Future of Recruitment in Logistics?

Compared to other fields of industry, working in logistics might not have cool and appealing images for younger generation such as Millennials and Gen Z. When the word resounds ‘logistics’, there are good chances that people will directly think about cargo driver or man lifting piles of boxes in a dusty warehouse. While in fact,

Why You Should Hire More Women in the Supply Chain Industry?

As the term resounds supply chain management, what images come to your mind? There are good chances that most people will directly think about a brawny man lifting big boxes in a warehouse, while some others may immediately perceive supply chain and logistics to be a male-dominated industry.  Nevertheless, this is the crux of the

How to Use AI to Transform Logistics and Supply Chain Industry?

Have you ever asked Siri to set an alarm or timer on your iPhone? Or have you ever asked Cortana to show you directions through your Smartphone? Without realising, artificial intelligence (AI) has now become part of your daily life in today’s rapidly evolving world. Not only making life easier, the new wave of machine

Tips on How to Land a Job in Logistics

Ranked first in Asia on the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2016, Singapore is home to a large base of multinational logistic companies. Contributing 7 percent of Singapore’s GDP, logistics sector is one of the key service industries that support Singapore’s growing economy. As one of the fastest growing industry in Asia, logistics provides a