Future Shock: Are You Up to the Omnichannel Challenge?

Picture this: You stand outside and hear thunder. Looking up to the sky, you see a dark grey cloud. You take out your smartphone to find a website selling umbrellas. After choosing the style and colour, you press ‘Order’. In a mere 5 minutes, a drone is hovering above you, gently delivering the purchase into

8 Myths about Careers in Logistics and Supply Chains 

There are various reasons why people are attracted to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain. Some say that the big industry has a lot of opportunities for career advancements. A broad scope of a business, many levels of employees, as well as the fact that it deals with global business are some factors

The State Automation in Healthcare Logistics 

The world could finally see a glimmer of hope amidst the pandemic, as more countries are rolling out vaccination programmes. And now, the attention will turn to the recovery and a return to normal operations. Supply chains will play an integral role in this effort and might emerge in a different shape. But, COVID-19 might

How to Cut Supply Chain Costs Post-Pandemic 

The COVID-19 outbreak has shaken up the global supply chain to its core. Not only has the supply and demand halted, but the outbreak has also led the economy to shrink – thus driving supply chain leaders to rethink and transform their global supply chain model. The pandemic has forced businesses around the world to

5 Priorities for Retail Supply Chain during the On-Going COVID-19 Pandemic 

As the COVID-19 cases continue to rise globally, retailers have stepped up their efforts when it comes to providing consumers with essential goods and to protect the health and wellbeing of communities. In 2020, the global trade witnessed a significant downturn due to reduction of Chinese imports and the subsequent decline in activity. As of

Supply Chain Strategic Partnership & Partnership Maintaining 

One study showed that strategic suppliers partnership has a positive and significant effect on the integration of supply chain and supply chain performance. Supply chain partnership also helps increase the cooperation and communication between functions and firms, such as balancing production, synchronizing logistics, and shortening the time to market new products remarkably. Strengthening flexibility and

How to Find the Right Digital Manufacturing for Your Supply Chain 

A handful of forward-thinking manufacturers have evolved significantly over the past decade into digital supply chains that are far more agile, efficient, reliable, and versatile than their traditional predecessors. This is great news for like-minded companies and procurement teams wanting to partner with manufacturers that place importance on technology. So, how do you find the

Culture Integration and Adaptation in Supply Chain 

Organisational culture is a common cultural value growing up with a development of an enterprise. Generally, a culture will affect behaviour of firms, consistency of supply chain, and then enhance the cohesion and competence of supply chain. Cultural integration and adaptation is on the top of supply chain integration, which can be divided into integration

How Onshoring Makes Supply Chain More Efficient 

Supply chain managers keep discovering the benefits of onshoring options, taking advantage of contract manufacturers that use digital technologies and smart, on-demand manufacturing on shores. Managing global supply chains has arguably never been more challenging. Every industry has had its fair share of macro-economic unpredictability over the years, be it natural disasters, health epidemics and

The Continuous COVID-19 Pandemic: Have You Reboot Your Supply Chain? 

The global business and commerce fallout from the coronavirus continues. As news has reported, supply chain for companies large and small are being dramatically disrupted – from toys and Teslas to stranded lobsters and missing wedding dresses. The damaging economic and market impact is also a stunning reminder of China’s worldwide reach. There’s also the