2019 Logistics & Supply Chain Resolutions You Should Have


Major business goals in logistics and supply chain nowadays is accelerating technological transformation within organisations. In 2019, logistics and supply chain leaders are aiming to automate, integrate, and optimise company’s planning, decision making, and execution to boost efficiency and reduce cost.

However, according to ICORN Tech, many organisations are still struggling in devising a roadmap and determining steps needed to bring the company to higher level of maturity. If you aim to transform your company into digital savvy firm, here are revolutions you should make this year:

01 Continue to envision and broadcast short-to-long-term future logistics and make it real

The evolution of logistics industry depends heavily on technology. For short-to-mid-term logistics technology applications, there will be much broader and revolutionary long-term concept. Stefan Rusu, a principal engineer at Johnson & Johnson, said that “learn, think, dream, conceptualize, experiment with autonomous, self-sufficient robotics (AVGs/SDVs, single and bi-dexterous robots), augmentative technologies, hyper-intelligence, and how these combine with and can come into symbioses with current state-of-art warehouse automation.” Hence, it is important for logistics leaders to continue using broader technology to advance their logistics practices and warehouse.

02 Share and engage

As a business leader, you should encourage yourself and others to take part into exploring, defining, and applying logistics concepts that shape the future of your profession. Broaden your network and expand it into new directions and disciplines to make yourself a more knowledgeable individual in an industry that is continuously growing.  

03 Foster collaboration throughout organisations

By fostering collaboration throughout your team, you can transform logistics and supply chain from a cost centre into a source of competitive advantage. It can also deliver value to both customers and shareholders. Moreover, to achieve digital transformation, you should cultivate vertical alignment (such as sales, finance, marketing, procurement and production) and horizontal alignment (such as suppliers and distributors) in a more effective way.

04 Embrace the power of algorithm and decision making

To be a digital savvy business, Gartner suggested that your organisation must make shift from traditional, manual to algorithm-based, automated planning and decision making. With a more conscious planning through automation, you along with other key stakeholders can propel company to a new heights of productivity and profitability. However, tools alone cannot help you achieve algorithm planning and decision making. You also need to make commitment of change in your company’s mindset, skills, and decision making process.

05 Continue to grow while contributing to the world  

Lastly, in this 2019 New Year resolution, you should contribute in making a better world as a heritage for our future leaders and beyond. In this matter, Rusu suggested that we should be the driver behind everything we do and build. Thus, all the change should be ‘wise efficient’ which means supporting greener, more resources, and asset efficient and less wasteful supply chain.  

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