4 Common Warehouse Problems and Its Solutions


From time to time, warehouse managers face challenges on how to maximise performance while improving efficiency. In logistics and supply chain industry, running a smooth warehouse management is crucial in ensuring excellent customer buying experience so you have to keep checking whether the right products have been stored in the right place and shipped to the right address.

Nonetheless, it is true that managing warehouse operations is not a simple task. Warehouse . inventory should be accounted and updated regularly so there will be no errors in the process. Here are several most common warehouse problems and what you can do to solve the issues so you can make your warehouse operations more efficient:

01 Lack of communication

Problem: Lack of communication often leads to commotion among team members and even customers. This issue typically arises when the logistics company fails to establish an open communication with its clients, especially in the process of shipping goods. Lack of cooperation between departments will also lead to similar problem. As consequences, your team members might not have a good teamwork that will affect negatively to productivity. On the other hand, your customers might never want to do a partnership with you again because you fail to meet their expectation.

Solution: Under all circumstances, communication should be number one priority. For warehouse manager, managing employees and making sure that they have a good communication is vital. Set a regular meeting with team members to talk about current problems and find the way out together. You should also keep your customers updated with the latest information so there should be no excuses for failure as long as you always give confirmation to them.

02 Warehouse space

Problem: Warehouses and departments typically need more vertical reach. Logistics workers tend to place different part of certain products in different shelves and sometimes even just leave them on the floor. This kind of messy arrangement will make it difficult for the products to find and reach. Not to mention, there is a chance that the products will be damaged due to poor handling.

Solution: Make use of vertical storage can help reduce malfunction. By using vertical lift module, you can maximise storage in your warehouse and make use of blank space efficiently to stock more important goods. To access your products from multiple floors, you can build opening from inside your warehouse or on each floor (side racks). Moreover, by making use of vertical space, you can minimise picking errors and thus increase productivity.

03 High cost

Problem: Warehouse managers might want to increase productivity while minimising labour costs. You might be reluctant in purchasing expensive tools and paying for these equipments maintenance costs, despite the fact that it will help you reach better efficiency and productivity.

Solution: The solution for the labour force is by developing the right expertise through workforce planning and hiring only necessary skills for smoother logistics operations. Meanwhile, to reduce the fuel costs, hydrogen could be the best solution.

04 Relying on automation

Problem: Your operation might run smoothly but you have not maximised the use of automation. It will result to employees’ burnout. As a result, they might have a stress working environment.

Solution: Optimising the use of technology such as robotics warehouse to boost employee productivity is a win win solution as your workers can be happier in the workplace as these robots can ease their tasks and minimise stress. Also, new technology allows you to set a self-guided robot to perform jobs while working with employees. This programs allow robots to know exactly where and when to pick an item and then move it to the locations you want. Current technology also helps you find the best position for your goods. Not only will it minimise the risk of employee burnout, but it also optimises a blank space in the warehouse.

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