5 Hiring Hacks in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In today’s globalised world, it is no secret that logistics and supply chain industry is undergoing a rapid growth and significant growth. With Asia Pacific regions, including Singapore, emerge as global logistics hubs, supply chain management garners new attention as one of the most promising career paths in the future. Both logistics and supply chain industry need creative and agile-thinking individuals in order to thrive in highly competitive business environment.

Finding the right person for your business requires a lot efforts, including wide-range advertising, thorough resume screening, as well as strenuous rounds of tests and interviews. However, in order to attract potential talents, you have to make sure that your organisation has appealing feature and culture too. That being said, if you are an employer searching the perfect candidate for your organisation, what is the best strategy to retain and fetch top-notch talents?

Take a look at the following five hiring hacks in logistics and supply chain management that will help you implement effective and impactful recruitment:

  1. Establish a solid employer brand

None would take the risk of falling victim to scam business by accepting a job offer from a company with vague reputation. This explains why it is crucial for you to establish a solid employer brand, such that you can articulate and communicate your organisation’s value and mission to individuals with the same vision.

  1. Define your ideal employee

It will be tough for you to find your perfect candidate, unless you define what ‘perfect candidate’ is. Therefore, before posting a job opening, you need to find out what kind of talent you are looking for. Be it education background, working experience, or required skills, you can list the requirements for your preferable logistics and supply chain candidates.

  1. Promote work-life balance

Too many employers are neglecting the importance of having work-life balance. While in fact, there are copious advantages you can gain from promoting work-life balance to your employee, including minimise turnover rates, boost productivity, as well as improve employee’s engagement and satisfaction.

  1. Make use of new technology

The world is changing, and so is the way people conduct recruitment. It is time for you to embrace digital transformation and make use of new technology to leverage your hiring strategy. Develop a social media recruiting strategy to reach out tech-savvy Millennials and attract more young generation to the supply chain and logistics industry.

  1. Provide clear career path and continuous education

Visionary talents never want to be stuck in a dead-end job position. They always look forward to achieve and grab career growth opportunities in their organisation. As an employer, it is important for you to provide clear advancement opportunities for your workers. By offering such prospects and creating an atmosphere for ongoing learning, your workforce will be committed in pursuing continuous education to contribute in your company.

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