6 Tips to Manage Logistics for Ecommerce

In the United States, retail ecommerce sales hit $115.3 billion in the third quarter of 2017 and it is predicted to keep soaring each year. This figure represents how the ecommerce sector is currently undergoing a rapid growth.

In today’s internet-powered business, people who work in the ecommerce sector are required to improve their performance in order to gain trust from customers and earn more profits. Besides ensuring the quality of product, updating the stock and inventory, as well as managing your packaging, efficient logistics management is the key to ecommerce success. Logistics holds a crucial role for ecommerce as it delivers the products directly to the customers. Improvement in logistics is really important as it is one of customer satisfaction keys.

Ecommerce logistics might be a bit different from logistics practice in common. While general logistics practice usually delivers the products or raw materials from producer/supplier to retailer in big amount, ecommerce logistics mainly deliver packages in varieties of size from retailer to customer in relatively small amount. Here are some useful management tips to improve your ecommerce logistics:

Keep the retailers’ commitment

As an ecommerce logistics agent, you have responsibility to both the retailers and customers at the same time. Besides optimising your service, you also have to stay committed to what the retailers say to the customers. For example, when the retailer says that the package will arrive in 3 days, it means that you have to deliver the package within the given time frame. It is important to make sure that the delivery cycle is always on the right track to avoid any pending shipping.

Offer multiple choices of services

Every ecommerce customer has different needs related to the delivery times. It will be better if you can offer numerous choices regarding this matter. You should give at least three choices such as one day, three days, and a week shipping and delivery, or other options that meet your capability. Besides the delivery times, you can also offer additional services such as letting customers to request bubble wrap, styrofoam, or wooden packing. By offering those multiple choices of service, customers can suit the service with their needs.

Impress the customers

Leaving good impression to customers is crucial to win the customer’s heart and thus make retailers trust you more. Simple and trivial things such as giving unique dress-code for your delivery staffs and using friendly greeting to customers can be a good start to impress them. Make sure that the delivery-man is always in good appearance. A simple and attractive slogan is also good idea if needed as you can promote your service quality through the slogan.

Ask for feedbacks

Positive feedback can increase customer’s interest to use your logistics services. It is the same as company branding for your logistics business. On the other hand, negative feedback is also useful as you will know which area your business is lacking so you can fix the issue and make improvement. It is also important to always reply the customers’ feedbacks by saying thank you and apologise for the inconvenience to leave friendly impression to the customer.

Improve the tracking system

When customers haven’t received the package on the day they should get it or when customers need to know whether the package will come on time or not, the customers usually rely on online platform where they can get such information without having to call or come to the logistics agency. Here the customers expect that the tracking system will work accurately to give them the right information about their order status and package whereabouts. That being said, improving your tracking system will definitely improve customer’s satisfaction level.

Put attention on the content of package

It is an absolute commitment that logistics should make sure every package they handle should be in well condition. It is not only about making sure that the box is still intact, but you should guarantee that the content doesn’t break. Owing to the reason, it is important to ask for detailed information of package content from the retailers so you know how to treat the package. Attaching stickers or notes on top of the package box will help your staff notice the content of the package and be careful.

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