How to Attract Millennials to Pursue a Career in Logistics?

Let’s face it: among other career options in the professional world, a career in logistics might not seem so appealing for Millennials. Growing up in a period where technology advances are the norm, Millennials are highly-characterised as a digital-savvy generation. If you quizzed them on their dream job and career aspirations, the most expected answers will be as an IT-specialist, web-developer, designer, and analyst. So how do you attract Millennials to pursue a career in logistics?

In 2020, Millennials are projected to make up to 35 percent or more than one-third of the global workforce, latest Manpower Group report says. Baby boomers, who make up for the majority of current labour force in logistics, are soon entering their retirement phase of life.  The report further notes that there will be only 6 percent boomers to fill the workforce demography. With baby boomers retiring soon, there will be shortage of skilled workers in logistics in the times to come.

Millennials are characteristically distinctive from other generations. They are hungry for new challenges rather than job security. Their dream career pathways will be those fulfilling and meaningful jobs, not just a mere steady job title that secures them a good paycheck. These traits make them extremely independent, ground-breaking, self-reliant, and adaptive – all the characteristics needed to excel in the logistics industry.

Here’s how you can attract Millennials to pursue a career in logistics:

Offer flexibility

Say goodbye to the long working hours. Work-life balance is highly-sought after by most Millennials. Rather than the traditional workplace culture that requires employees to clock-in hours and stay at the office from nine-to-five, they expect more flexible working styles.

Therefore, offering them an option to work from home when the warehouse schedule is slow or allowing them to slip off during the day will make them feel inspired to join the workforce.

Update your tech

For social-media driven individuals, technology is their closest ally. Be it smartphones, laptops, tablets, or wearables, Millennials expect cutting-edge technology to help them get their work done, too. Therefore, you should update your tech to stay connected as also arrange new policies accordingly. Providing cool perks and latest tech tools will make millennials feel satisfied and engaged in their jobs, which will in turn contribute to higher productivity levels and better business gains.

Employee experiences

Do use big data and analytics to build an employee experience? For example, you can use analysis from the big data gathered from monthly surveys, to know more and understand employees’ most favourable benefits. This analysis method will help you make better decisions regards Millennial’s preferences at work.

Ensure career growth

As stated previously, Millennials are not afraid of taking up new challenges. When they do not feel room and scope for enough growth opportunities in an organisation, they tend to easily move on to seek greener pastures elsewhere. This phenomenon makes them widely-known as job hoppers

So to retain millennials, they need to feel engaged and value for their contributions in company’s growth initiatives. You will need to define and ensure Millennials get the career growth opportunity, they seek to grow in your organisation.

Demonstrate clear and attractive career plans to the workforce and team, such as training and development programs or even scholarship schemes to pursue further education, loan availability, career guidance in time, mentoring sessions and so on.

The changing times require business leaders in logistics to be prepared to face the new challenges in the industry. One of them is finding the right strategy on how to draw Millennials’ interests and retain them. Possessing unique characteristics, Millennials possess great potential to be the future logistics leaders. With the right strategy and approach, you can attract them to the industry and gain more insights to develop.

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