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Patient-Centric Supply Chain for Better Healthcare System 

A report titled Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century listed six specific major goals for improving the healthcare system, particularly in the U.S. These goals include making the healthcare more 1) safe, 2) efficient, 3) effective, 4) timely, 5) equitable, and 6) patient-centred. The report said that achieving these

Empowering Women in Logistics 

Transportation and logistics have always been the backbone of trade, enabling the movement of goods and resources wherever they are needed. The intensification of trade in recent years has accelerated the demand for transport and logistics services which lead to a significant increase in business and employment opportunities in the sector. Despite the relatively easy

4 Secrets to Successful Leadership in Logistics & Supply Chains 

Logistics and supply chain management demands unique leadership capabilities. Logistics represents a large investment for most companies, so a strong leader is critically required to develop innovative solutions to optimise logistics and supply chain strategy as well as operations to gain a competitive advantage. Logistics and supply chains cover a broad area that can only