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5 Priorities for Retail Supply Chain during the On-Going COVID-19 Pandemic 

As the COVID-19 cases continue to rise globally, retailers have stepped up their efforts when it comes to providing consumers with essential goods and to protect the health and wellbeing of communities. In 2020, the global trade witnessed a significant downturn due to reduction of Chinese imports and the subsequent decline in activity. As of

Supply Chain Strategic Partnership & Partnership Maintaining 

One study showed that strategic suppliers partnership has a positive and significant effect on the integration of supply chain and supply chain performance. Supply chain partnership also helps increase the cooperation and communication between functions and firms, such as balancing production, synchronizing logistics, and shortening the time to market new products remarkably. Strengthening flexibility and

Culture Integration and Adaptation in Supply Chain 

Organisational culture is a common cultural value growing up with a development of an enterprise. Generally, a culture will affect behaviour of firms, consistency of supply chain, and then enhance the cohesion and competence of supply chain. Cultural integration and adaptation is on the top of supply chain integration, which can be divided into integration

Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs are Vulnerable to Automation 

Automation is changing the paradigms in traditional warehouse operations. Logistics companies across the globe seek to enhance the order accuracy through the use of material handling equipment, conveyor systems and robotic automation. E-commerce as the unseparated bottomline of logistics also brings a great challenge for more efficient, low-cost delivery processes to distribute customers’ orders in

Supply Chain and Transformative Technology 

AI, analytics, and other Internet of Things has emerged in the world of work, improving the productivity of both in-house and field workers. Some high-profile emerging technologies promise to deliver practical impact for supply chains have also fulfilled its promise, such as drone and robot delivery. In addition, the list of cutting-edge tech innovations that

What Does Demand-Driven Supply Chain 2.0 Look Like? 

The demand-driven supply chain is not a new concept. Gartner, who first coined the phrase, found that fewer than 10 percent of companies consider their own supply chains to be fully integrated with other parts of the business. In many organisations, the supply chain is still largely isolated and not closely integrated with customer-facing parts

Supply Chain Agility in an ERA of Continuous Change 

For many organisations today, constant and disorienting change is the new normal. Challenges are common and supply chain leaders need to step off the treadmill and escape a perpetual crisis mentality. Bob Ferrari, managing director of The Ferrari Consulting & Research Group, explained that the single biggest challenge that organisations face today is the overall

HR Tips: Building Employer Brand in Logistics & Supply Chain Sector 

Companies need to attract the best employees to stay profitable. But how do job seekers make decisions on which offer to accept? Why do they prefer one company to another? The answer often lies in the perceptions about the company – the employer brand. Wages and workload are important, but they only come into play

5 Productivity Hacks for Logisticians 

Logistics job is widely known as a challenging occupation that is growing rapidly nowadays. It’s a global scale distribution of goods that requires meticulous work and of course, a lot of other factors are involved as well. We are expected to see more challenges ahead as the logistics industry is predicted to grow rapidly. Statistics

10 Skills Required TO BE a Data Warehouse Consultant 

  Data Warehouse Consultant is one of the most tempting jobs with a big paycheck around $42.0 an hour – that’s $87,367 a year. The job growth is also good with 9 percent growth between 2018 and 2028 with 10,500 job opportunities available, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics. While the job offers