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Managing Software Supply Chain Risk

Supply chain goes beyond manufacturing and delivering physical items. Supply chain today is associated with the development and operation of a software system, commonly known as supply-chain-management-software (software supply chain). Software supply chain is a tool used in executing supply chain transactions, managing supplier relationships and controlling associated business processes. It commonly includes customer-requirement processing,

Defending Logistics & Transportation from Cyberattacks 

In June 2017, one of the biggest ransomware attacks targeted a shipping company A.P. Moller-Maersk, costing the company an estimated $300 million with no way to clean the infected computer system. Maersk had to rebuild a significant portion of its IT infrastructure, installing over 50.000 new PCs, servers, and applications over the next two weeks. 

Coronavirus Impact on Port and Economy Globally 

American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) has issued a statement highlighting the impacts that Covid-19 (coronavirus) has upon the ports, the shipping industry, the logistics, the economy, and the human health. As stated in the AAPA Press Release, Covid-19 will impact cargo volumes at several ports during the first quarter of 2020, as they might

How to Set Min and Max Inventory Levels for Your Logistics

Min/Max inventory remains a popular inventory management approach to capture opportunistic sales by carrying safety stock and amalgamates volumes to reduce pricing and incoming freight costs. To avoid stockouts, you should set the minimum and maximum levels quite high, yet low enough so you do not increase the risk of expiration or damage of the

Coronavirus: Its Impact on Global Supply Chain & the Solution

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) which was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019, has now become a global threat as it spreads to more countries and raises death tolls. The impact of the outbreak goes beyond health and safety, with the world’s economic growth already hurting from the virus. The supply chain industry is

How to Provide Efficient Shipping while Cutting the Delivery Costs 

“Companies that increasingly focus on cost-cutting efforts on Cost of Distribution see improved profitability.” To compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, manufacturers and brands have historically worked to reduce the cost of manufacturing (CoM) as a means to reduce their net landed cost of goods. Seemingly, every conceivable strategy has been explored: reducing

The Cost of Unproductive Time in Distribution and Fulfilment 

Managers are expected to improve operational efficiency by getting back mere seconds from each workflow to improve overall time and cost savings. According to Honeywell research, nearly 8 out of 10 (79 percent) managers have been tasked with finding cost savings from existing operations. Given that, managers should be able to put priorities. In terms

Supply Chain Challenges Behind E-Commerce Fulfillment 

E-commerce represents a powerful sales channel and a growth opportunity for businesses. The growth of e-commerce has also outgrown its infancy as it’s rapidly moving into second-stage maturity, implying that the supply chain needs to constantly evolve and adapt to solve the challenges posed by this fast-growing business channel. Surveying more than 200 transportation decision-makers

The Ultimate Guide for Retailers  to Enter International eCommerce

eCommerce is reshaping the global retail market since the turn of the century’s booming of online shopping trends. Internet access has reached all corners of the world while smartphones have quickly become an intrinsic part in the lives of billions of people. In this case, eCommerce has opened up a whole new shopping world, providing

The Top Concerns of Global Logistics and Supply Chain in 2020 

Logistics and supply chain world has gone through a massive transformation due to the changes in customer demands and technological innovations. Environmental responsibility has also urged companies to adopt the eco-friendly system without losing the touch of solid customer experience. Logistics and supply chain leaders on IMO regulations cited that there is a myriad topic