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The Ultimate Guide for Retailers  to Enter International eCommerce

eCommerce is reshaping the global retail market since the turn of the century’s booming of online shopping trends. Internet access has reached all corners of the world while smartphones have quickly become an intrinsic part in the lives of billions of people. In this case, eCommerce has opened up a whole new shopping world, providing

The Top Concerns of Global Logistics and Supply Chain in 2020 

Logistics and supply chain world has gone through a massive transformation due to the changes in customer demands and technological innovations. Environmental responsibility has also urged companies to adopt the eco-friendly system without losing the touch of solid customer experience. Logistics and supply chain leaders on IMO regulations cited that there is a myriad topic

Here are the Effective Way to Master Supply Chain Labelling

Following the transformational supply chain and technology advancements, companies need to look at labelling differently to keep pace with the evolving tech and to meet the demands of new multi-faceted, dynamic supply chains, Loftware reported. Such is needed to ensure supply chain success because labels convey more and more critical information, such as product details,

2 Ways to Get Your Delivery Economy Right 

When was the last time a consumer visits your store to buy their monthly groceries or Christmas presents? With the advancement of technology, more and more people are leaving the ritual of coming to a physical store to shop. With everything is now available on the internet, consumers no longer need to leave their home

Christmas and New Year Logistics Facts

It’s that time of the year again. For most logistics and supply chain companies, the holiday seasons are incredibly busiest time ever. Shoppers want more good stuff while suppliers want on-time deliveries. Trucks and shippings are operating non-stop for fulfilling the demand of consumers. According to USPS stats, nearly 16 billion pieces of mail and

This Is How You Should Protect Supply Chain from Cyberthreat 

In 2017 and 2018, Accenture iDefense stated that organisations need to enhance their threat intelligence capabilities to stay ahead of cyberthreats, rather than just activate their incident response strategy only when their networks are breached.  Strong investment in cybersecurity has not been lacking. But despite these investments, relentless creativity of cybercriminals continues to put pressure

Better Analytics for Better Supply Chain Strategies 

Most supply chain organisations don’t know what is happening in their global operations, with 65 percent of procurement leaders have limited or no visibility beyond their tier 1 suppliers, Deloitte reported. In addition, nearly half of CPOs believe that the quality of data is a major barrier and the lack of data integration was the

Transportation Operation Challenges and Solutions

“When conducting a strategic assessment or solution design within a transportation operation, transportation professionals should be looking for ways to create cost reductions while improving service levels.” – Envista  What is transportation operation?  Transportation operation (transport operation) is a movement of a single type of goods from one place of origin, where the goods are

Intelligent Printing to Increase Supply Chain Security

Richard Scott, European Product Manager at SATO, said that when an organisation is able to give a printer an identity within a larger communications system and enable it to not only receive information but also relay information to other objects, it has major potential for traceability. Then, such traceability will improve data accuracy which in

Is Your Cargo Totally Protected? Here’s How to Make Sure About It 

As per the report by TT Club and BSI, cargo theft from road vehicles accounted for 84 percent of all modalities of theft with 13 percent coming from warehouse/storage areas, 1 percent from freight trains, and 2 percent other areas. Food and beverage, where the most commonly stolen items come from, account for around 19