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6 Top Careers in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The changes in customer behavior influenced by digital technology has driven the growth of online retails. Amidst today’s fast-paced world, the increasing demand for instant gratification is also shaping the future of logistics and supply chain management as more customers are calling for rapid delivery of their purchases. This creates a big business opportunities for

Current and Potential Opportunities for Road Freight in Southeast Asia

Air freight might offer convenience and speed for transportation in logistics, but road freight is continuously gaining prominence in Southeast Asia due its relatively low cost. With improved features and functionality, more companies are relying on road freight as a more convenient and cheaper method. The anticipated digitalization in the trucking industry also gives a

Expert Formula to Combat Omnichannel Supply Chain Complexity 

In an omnichannel world, technology is a defining trait and a key challenge for the supply chain. The problem is that firms adopting cutting-edge technology for their supply chains often struggle against complexity. Especially in the age of pandemic, survey cited that 70 percent of 300 supply chain leaders said they were still in data

Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs are Vulnerable to Automation 

Automation is changing the paradigms in traditional warehouse operations. Logistics companies across the globe seek to enhance the order accuracy through the use of material handling equipment, conveyor systems and robotic automation. E-commerce as the unseparated bottomline of logistics also brings a great challenge for more efficient, low-cost delivery processes to distribute customers’ orders in

HR Tips: Building Employer Brand in Logistics & Supply Chain Sector 

Companies need to attract the best employees to stay profitable. But how do job seekers make decisions on which offer to accept? Why do they prefer one company to another? The answer often lies in the perceptions about the company – the employer brand. Wages and workload are important, but they only come into play

5 Essential Building Blocks for Retaining Customers 

Drones will soon become essential in delivering necessities, from consumer goods in cities to vital medical supplies in remote areas. Using drones can reduce the need for forklifts or possibly replace the conveyor system often used to transport boxes around distribution centres. Outside the warehouse, drones will be really useful to reach rural streets and

5 Productivity Hacks for Logisticians 

Logistics job is widely known as a challenging occupation that is growing rapidly nowadays. It’s a global scale distribution of goods that requires meticulous work and of course, a lot of other factors are involved as well. We are expected to see more challenges ahead as the logistics industry is predicted to grow rapidly. Statistics

Supply Chain Can Never be 100% Secure: Here is Why

According to the PwC report on Transportation & Logistics 2030, no supply chain will ever be 100 percent secure. While technology can help increase security, apparently it is not enough. No wonder, enhancing security levels is a major priority for governments and companies and the reliance on technology is continuously growing.  The global security market

Knowing Supply Chains Better: Terms You Should Know

Many people often believe that logistics and supply chains fall in the same categories. Yet, these terms have their own functions in the logistics industries. For instance, supply chains represent the overall sourcing, processing and delivery of goods to the end customers, while logistics specifically focuses on moving and storing goods between different supply chain

This Is How You Should Protect Supply Chain from Cyberthreat 

In 2017 and 2018, Accenture iDefense stated that organisations need to enhance their threat intelligence capabilities to stay ahead of cyberthreats, rather than just activate their incident response strategy only when their networks are breached.  Strong investment in cybersecurity has not been lacking. But despite these investments, relentless creativity of cybercriminals continues to put pressure