Common Questions During Logistics and Supply Chain Interviews

Do you want to be hired for job roles in the logistics and supply chain industry? What makes interviews for logistics and supply chain jobs different from other interviews? Are there any specifics questions that you need to learn? How should you prepare to nail the interview?

After securing a degree in logistics and supply chain, now you are ready to enter the professional world of work. As you begin the process of job hunting, clearing rounds of interviews might be your regular schedule for the day. No matter, how many interviews you attended to secure a job in logistics industry, each meeting always brings with it surprises that come as nerve-wrecking experience to give you jitters.

Before attending interview, it is crucial to prepare yourself and respond to the interviewer’s questions in the most effective and direct way. At some point, you will find several typical questions that are usually asked by interviewers. These questions are not industry-specific, which usually revolves around your educational background and personal information.

On the other hand, there will be more specific questions, too. These questions are meant to test your knowledge about the industry and previous working experience in the related fields. When you apply for a job in logistics or supply chain industry, you will have to face a list of both general and specific questions.

If you need some help to prepare for your next interview, here are some of the common interview questions posed:

  1.    Tell me about yourself

First impression matters. Don’t go mumbling and revealing everything about yourself in one go. Rather, you should give a brief overview of your career, background, skillsets, and other qualifications in a few direct and clear sentences.

  1.    What is your greatest weakness?

Accept the fact that no one is perfect and admit that you make mistakes, too. To answer these questions, you should think of areas wherein you can improve on your skills and demonstrate your willingness to learn. You need to provide logical reasons on why this weakness can be an asset for the company.

  1.    Why should we hire you?

Explain the reason why you want the job and why you will be a good fit for the employer. You will need to do your homework to research about the company and the job openings, so you can articulate your motives more compellingly.

  1.    What makes you qualified for this position?

It is important to sell yourself, but don’t go overboard or the interviewers will assume you are bragging. You need to emphasise upon your strengths.

  1.    How would your co-workers describe you?

The interviewers want to know if you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Answer honestly about what others might think of you. You can ask for feedback from people who know your qualities and potentials.

  1.    Can explain what (particular terms) means?

If you earn a degree in logistics or supply chain, this question should not come as a serious problem. Before arriving at the interview, take time to open up on your memories, of particular terms related to the industry such as 3PL, SKU number, inventory management, triage, reverse logistics, etc.

  1.    Do you have any questions for us?

Your potential employers would love to learn what you seek to know and understand about the company, as it will showcase your genuine interest to secure the job role. Take this opportunity to your advantage to ask anything you need to know about the company and the job offer.

Preparing yourself in advance by learning about the common interview questions is an imperative for every job seeker, because it can help provide better insights of what you should answer to such queries. However, it should be noted that the key point here is not to memorise the answers.

By allowing yourself the time to prepare, you can analyse on the interviewer’s expectations to conclude an answer, and thus think about the best thoughtful responses you can give during interviews.

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