How to Leave an Interview with Positive Note and Land a Job in Logistics?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Will Rogers

Being a fresh graduate entering the professional world, you must have heard that first impression is a big deal in an interview. To prepare for an interview for logistics job, you have learnt on how to leave a good impression for the employers. Showing up on time, wearing the right dresscode, giving firm handshake, and flashing confident smile are only few among most popular interview tips you can find on the internet. However, while you can pass the Q&A session with solid and convincing performance, how do you wrap up the interview that will grant you a contract letter?

As important as the first minutes you enter the interview room, the time you get up and exit is equally crucial as well. Afterall, a perfect beginning should be supported with a remarkable ending. You might have successfully managed to retain the hiring manager’s attention  throughout the interview. However, if you fail to end the session with a positive note, these last minutes might burn your chances of getting hired.

Take a look at the following strategy on how to leave an interview with positive note and eventually land your dream job in logistics:

Prepare some questions to ask

When the interview is about to come to an end, usually interviewers will ask if you have any questions for them. Make sure that you do your homework well to ask relevant questions that will demonstrate your knowledge about the company and the industry in general. Avoid sensitive and too trivial queries, and instead you can throw in smart and interesting questions.

Seize the closing statement

When the last question is answered, you will be asked to make a closing statement. At this stage, interviewers might have already made up their mind whether they want to hire you or not. Therefore, you should neither reiterate everything you have said, nor overemphasise on the need to work for the company. Do not sound too ambitious or pushy to get the job, as such approach will only backfire to you. Keep the closing remark short and sweet, while underlining the reasons why you see yourself as a great fit for the job role.

Maintain the cheerful smile

Before standing up and leaving the room, you should not forget to ask the hiring manager about the next step of the recruitment process. By doing so, you can know when to expect to hear back from them. As the interview finally ends, leave the room on a pleasant note with a “thank you” and smile. Give the interviewer a firm handshake, just like at the beginning and thank them for their time.

Send a ‘thank-you’ email

As you walk out of the interview room, do you think the interview is over yet? Not really. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can send a thank-you email to the interviewers. In the email, you can reiterate your interest for the job position in a subtly remark. Apart from sending across a “thank you” email, do not cross boundaries and bother them with another e-mail or phone calls.

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