How Mobile Technology Reshape Supply Chain Management

How Mobile Technology Reshape Supply Chain Management

Mobile technology has played a key role in supply-chain management, particularly in the warehouse. Mobile devices are faster and handier in helping the work of supply chain management, such that it can facilitate advanced communication and help businesses operate more effectively.

On this matter, Adrian Gonzales, the director of the Logistics Viewpoints blog, commented that smartphones are fast becoming a ubiquitous platform where supply chain and logistics professionals rely on mobile technology to tap into enterprise applications. Smartphones also help supply chain to have a real-time conversation with their products, workers, customers, and stakeholders. Further, Gonzales said that there are three areas in supply chain management that mobile technology has transformed.

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Improving information flow with real-time reporting

In the past, supply chain relied heavily on manual systems to get updated. The records were passed hand-to-hand which took hours, even days. The presence of mobile technology can maximise real-time reporting and keep information flow faster. Through messaging, pictures, or recorded video, you can keep updated and connected at all times with low cost. Truck drivers, for example, can access their schedule in real-time for quick changes, resulting in quicker delivery and happier customers.

In addition, mobile technology that is integrated with barcode and scanning technology can help reduce errors and save time. Thus, your team can dedicate their time to more critical tasks that require greater focus

Improving collaboration

Oftentimes, information can arrive late that managers and executives cannot execute their plan on time. Yet, mobile business intelligence applications should be made available to enable a real-time overview of the whole supply chain network and its operations. As a result, information can no longer blockade process and executives can receive accurate insights at all times, letting them take immediate adjust for the next course of action

Improving customer experience

The very advantageous use of mobile technology is to increase profit by improving customer experience. Mobile devices are the most flexible and easy-to-access way to barcode and track stocks in-demand items which can ensure that the most demanded items do not go out of stock. At the same time, avoiding frequent stock-outs help improve customer satisfaction. Customer can see what is available in your market and are not disappointed by the sudden information of out-of-stock items. Besides, using mobile technology can help ensure timely deliveries which go a long way in strengthening your bond with your customers.

Tips to make the right choice

With mobile technology on the rise, making every information easy to access and break, you need to manage and make the right decision of using mobile technology within the industry. According to a podcast by Panasonic, managing supply chain in real-time is all about having access to the right data visa secure, uninterrupted connections. To keep your workers productive and goods moving quickly and accurately, you need to find a provider that can customise a solution for a specific job application as well as provider that can flex with evolving business condition.

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