How to Choose the Right Mobile Printers

How to Choose the Right Mobile Printers

Warehouse in logistics gets more advanced since technology increases continuously. As a way to improve productivity and performance in warehouse, many logistics company employ mobile printers to help their workers in labelling. Not only improving the labelling process, mobile printers also benefit workers and logistics in terms of receiving docks, cross-docking, putaway tasks, picking tasks, as well as packing and shipping.

If you want to use mobile printers for warehouse, you should have observant eyes to choose which mobile printers suit best to your business’ necessities and preferences. As written in Sato white paper, these are key considerations you should take into account when choosing mobile printers.

Communication – the needs for multiple wireless communication options have gotten more complicated as mobile and smartphone get more advanced. Therefore, you should find a printer that supports the latest wireless standards, including various iterations of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and near field communication (NFC). These qualifications will make your printer easier to integrate with your existing mobile infrastructure and ensure longevity of your investment.

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Security – Mobile printers now are much more on-board intelligence and are able to create vulnerabilities on corporate network if they are not sufficiently secured. So, find printers that support latest Wi-Fi 33 security standards such as WPA2.

Durability – Warehouse is such a harsh environment. One of reasons why your mobile printers should have long durability as it sometimes can accidentally drop down from forklifts or catwalks. In this case, you should find printers that can survive multiple drops to concrete, and include shock resistance and durable operator keys.

Media capacity – Linerless media in mobile printers can help improve productivity by making it possible to have more labels per oil as it can minimise number of media changes per shift. Linerless media can also increase capacity by 40 percent. Moreover, employees do not have to worry about liner waste so they can save time to things that matters. Linerless mobile printer is also a solution for more environmental friendliness.

Battery life – Higher capacity and smarter battery can reduce overall investment in batteries and spares. It can minimize power consumption for charging and improve total cost of ownership for printer, instead. Additionally, you need to choose battery that can last a full working hours (8 hours at a minimum). This extended battery life can reduce amount needed for charging and retrieving charging equipment or cables. Consequently, you can both save your money and improve productivity.

Software support/management – You should choose mobile printers that offer drivers conventional mobile devices, and that support for commonly used barcodes and label design solutions. Also, NFC support on mobile printers can be used to retrieve printer configurations from a mobile device quickly. There should be central management and configuration in your chosen mobile printer for IT department to easily deploy and support your printers when problem occur, as well.

Accessories – Be sure your mobile printers are appropriate holsters, carrying cases, or vehicle mounts so you can implement it in your warehouse easily and effectively. Proper accessories in your mobile printer will ensure that you can expand use of mobile printers to as many positions/employees as possible.

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