An Inventive Way to Deliver Goods: Peer to Peer Logistics


Global distribution of goods has led to the rise of supply chain and shipping industry. The latest trend that is gaining popularity among logistics companies such as Walmart is peer to peer service (P2P). Besides the cost efficiency, P2P service is also a revolutionary way to shop and travel around the world. Grabr, Nimber, and GoShare are only a handful example of prominent P2P logistics services where they find customers who want to buy product online and then find the person to purchase the products and deliver them to the customers.

Peer to peer logistic is already proven to be an inventive and efficient way to deliver goods around the world. P2P logistics can be done by utilising the unused space in the car, truck, or plane to deliver the product. It can also be done by traveller who wants to travel to the target buyer’s city or country. Not only will it benefit the buyers as they will get what they want, the travellers can also get additional cash from delivering the goods. Therefore, the unused space can be fully optimised and the buyer can pay less for product shipping.

While P2P might sound like a win-win solution for shipping industry, there are things you should consider before jumping on the bandwagon and choosing this type of delivery. Here are the things you should take into account:

  • The type of the product

Paying attention to the type of product to deliver is crucial, especially since potential customers tend to prefer buying things that cannot be found in their country. For example, the customer is from Thailand and wants to buy jewellery from Maldives, then, you should make sure that the product must be packaged carefully and safely so it will not be damaged and broken during the delivery. Meanwhile, if the product to send is something big such as sewing machine, this could be difficult to bring because of its shape and size.

Therefore, before doing the shipment it will be better if you confirm the types of the product from the buyers to make sure how you can deliver it without any difficulties so customer will receive it without any stretch.

  • The products weight

The second thing you should consider is the weight of the product. For example, a buyer wants the newest Jet Ski, so he orders one from the USA. The shipping cost of the product can be high as it is not a small thing to deliver.

In that case, shipping bigger goods from one country to another such as Jet Ski or even cars can be done by ship. The downside is that the shipping time might take longer than plane. Therefore, an open and transparent communication between the buyer and P2P service is crucial. To avoid any misunderstanding during the shipping process, you need to confirm to the buyers regarding the pros and cons of shipping the products as well as its cost.

  • The freight process

In line with the previous point, you might want to choose the freight process either by plane, ship, train, or truck for fast and efficient delivery. For example, if the address of the customer is in the same country, train will be more effective and efficient to deliver the goods. However, even though it is in the same country but the type of the product cannot be carried by train, you might want to consider sending it by truck or car. So, to cut the time and budget for delivery, it is important to choose the best freight process for the products.

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