Must-Have Qualities to Land a Job in Logistics and Supply Chain

Are you considering to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain industry? If you think that the job in this industry requires rock-hard and strong body as you have to deal with heavy packages every day, that might not be necessarily true.

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, online marketplace, and similar internet-powered business, people can shop easily from the comfort of their home anytime. Ordering everything via online, customers expect the goods to be delivered as quick as possible. To serve this purpose, vendors and suppliers are relying on logistics and supply chain company to be the third party in their business. Along with the development of global economy, logistics and supply chain company continue to play key role in supporting this trend.

As logistics and supply chain industry is undergoing an advanced growth, working in the industry can be a good choice to grow your career. Be it in developing or developed countries, logistics company are everywhere to be found. This job field is also suitable for talents who seek for dynamic work environment as it comes with various challenges. Additionally, logistics also offer wide-range of job roles with various skills regardless of your educational background.

No matter what your educational background is and what position you want to land, you must have these qualities to be a part of good teamwork in logistics and supply chain:


Logistics jobs often have to deal with sudden change of agenda caused by unpredictable environment such as the season, weather, and other circumstances. Not to mention, sometimes logistics workers are required to relocate or move on to new locations that might be unfamiliar for them. Therefore, if you want to survive and thrive in this industry, you need to demonstrate that you have a great ability to adjust yourself to different environments easily.

Ability to act quickly

Urgent issues in logistics and supply chain are usually needed to be solved in quickly. As every step in logistics and supply chain management is connected with each other, impending process in one part could lead to another prolonged process in the operational cycle. That being said, logistics company will need someone who has the ability to give quick response and make quick decisions based on good analysis and judgment.  This problem solving ability should be based on logical thought by looking at relevant data.


Be it dealing with the clients, coworkers, or managers, logistics staff need to establish good communication with his surroundings. You should be able to communicate effectively in both oral and written means, such as direct conversations and team discussions, or through media such as emails and messages. Having excellent communication skill is not only about how you can interact with others and deliver information, but also how you can listen and understand what others say.

Have eyes for details

Every package stored in the warehouse and ready to deliver has specific details which could be different from one and other. Sometimes, it also requires different procedure to process. As a logistics employee, you need to have eyes for details as underestimating even the smallest detail even can lead you to a bigger problem.

Leadership and mentoring

Logistics need reliable staffs who have leadership skill as they should be able to manage themselves and the team. As a future leader, you should demonstrate an ability to motivate and encourage people to work together in an efficient manner in order to achieve the business goals. Along with this leadership skill is mentoring ability, in which you are required to train and pass knowledge to the next generation.

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