How to Optimise Resource Allocation


Having hard-working employees in your warehouse can give you a lot of benefits. However, if your employee suffers from back disease which makes it difficult for them to lift heavy objects, not only will it disturb their work, it might also affect your company’s bottom line due to decreased productivity. What should you do, then?

The answer would be a new optimisation system. It is a system where your employees who suffers from back pain or other health-related issues, can get helped from automated tools or other pickers as often as possible. This way, they can continue working on their tasks without suffering too much from their illness.  

A study shows that a collaborative logistics network resource allocation can effectively meet the needs of customer.  It is a network virtual organisation that is led by manufacturing company or independent third-party logistics enterprise. It was also mentioned that two pickers can be sent together to pick heavy goods, or easy orders with only light packages can be given to workers with back disease. As a result, it will increase productivity and will not decrease work drudgery.

Another benefit of optimising your resource allocation is that it will create live balance of resources, however it depends on workload also. It can as well allow human and machines to work together in harmony. You can reduce waiting time, lead times, resource movements, and utilisation degree amplitude; and increase throughputs, utilisation rates, and delivery reliability. However, there will be limitation in its data collection as your resource might not be easy to monitor.

Yet, you can improve visibility and control in turn to significantly improve your business benefits. Keyedin, in this case, is doing a project on how to project your resource allocation effectively. Adapting to the industry 4.0 is also a key in optimising resource allocation. Taking care of your employees is a must for a company in order to retain hard working and talented people.

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