HR Tips: Building Employer Brand in Logistics & Supply Chain Sector 

Companies need to attract the best employees to stay profitable. But how do job seekers make decisions on which offer to accept? Why do they prefer one company to another? The answer often lies in the perceptions about the company – the employer brand. Wages and workload are important, but they only come into play

5 Essential Building Blocks for Retaining Customers 

Drones will soon become essential in delivering necessities, from consumer goods in cities to vital medical supplies in remote areas. Using drones can reduce the need for forklifts or possibly replace the conveyor system often used to transport boxes around distribution centres. Outside the warehouse, drones will be really useful to reach rural streets and

5 Productivity Hacks for Logisticians 

Logistics job is widely known as a challenging occupation that is growing rapidly nowadays. It’s a global scale distribution of goods that requires meticulous work and of course, a lot of other factors are involved as well. We are expected to see more challenges ahead as the logistics industry is predicted to grow rapidly. Statistics

The Role of Chief Supply Chain Officers amid the Epidemic 

Organizations and consumers alike have felt major impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic and the resulting COVID-19 disease. The disruption is being felt across industries, sending shock waves through supply chains in manners rarely imagined. Black swan vs. cost of business?  A black swan is what economists call an unpredictable major event. Scientists have been

The Fundamentals of Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance, also known as supplier finance or reverse factoring, is a set of solutions that optimise cash flow by allowing buyers to extend supplier payment terms. Increasing the time it takes to pay a supplier improves several financial metrics (e.g. days payable outstanding or DPO), and most importantly, frees up cash that would

Advancing On-Demand Healthcare Delivery 

Manufacturers are building up direct delivery models in response to increasing online and home care channels. The online pharmaceutical markets will grow to $128 billion by 2023. Services will be pushed from hospital or clinics, to a home care environment to increase customer convenience and reduce cost of care. Mobile healthcare professionals provide treatment at

10 Skills Required TO BE a Data Warehouse Consultant 

  Data Warehouse Consultant is one of the most tempting jobs with a big paycheck around $42.0 an hour – that’s $87,367 a year. The job growth is also good with 9 percent growth between 2018 and 2028 with 10,500 job opportunities available, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics. While the job offers

Building Supply Chain Future with 3D Printing 

3D printing, known as “additive manufacturing”, has been capturing the imagination of everyone from entrepreneurs to at-home hobbyists in recent years. Today, there is a growing surge in mainstream interest in 3D printing, with exciting new breakthroughs and applications being introduced periodically. Among commercial industries, there is a growing hype and excitement that 3D printing

No Supply Chain Can be 100% Secure: Here is What TO DO 

Today’s new security systems allow threatening materials, weapons, drugs and currency to be detected and identified automatically, even in concealed shipments. Even so, enhancing security levels should still become a major priority for governments and companies due to reliance on technology that is continuously growing. For instance, in some parcel bomb incident discoveries, the US

Digital Platforms in Freight Networks Supply Chain 

Digital freight networks (DFN) are a new class of freight service providers that combine technology, data, and a dense network of carriers and shippers to reduce the inefficiencies in the freight industry. Unlike traditional brokers and asset-based carriers that focus primarily on transporting freight, DFNs move freight more efficiently while also providing insights that help