Supply Chain Recruitment in the Year of the Rooster


Chinese New Year (CNY) is one of the most important dates in the traditional Chinese calendar. Celebrated widely around the world, 2017 is the year of the rooster according to the Chinese zodiac. While we know that CNY celebrations in China are on a massive scale, but how does this year affect the future of supply chain recruitment?

Based on the Chinese zodiac theory, 2017 is the year of the fire rooster. Meanwhile, rooster Shio in itself actually belongs to a metal element. Therefore, Feng Shui experts advise business leaders to be fully-alert and cautious, since these two elements often clash. In addition, economic uncertainty and political chaos have been impacting global markets and most industries including logistics and supply chain management.

According to the Shio calculation, the supply chain industry can be categorised as business in the element of water, because it includes distribution, shipping, and transportation. Considering how this element contrasts with fire, hence leaders in supply chain management should take a cautious approach in sketching out their business strategy. Here are some trends to watch out for:

  1.    Digital transformation

Automation increasingly becomes a commonplace in today’s digitised world. Taking advantage of new technology to automate your hiring process is not only time-saving, but also makes it more efficient. Use HR tools and technologies to streamline process, speed up recruitment activities to eliminate time spent in dealing with paper works and administration. Update your recruitment tools to gain better visibility.

  1.    Data-driven recruitment

Leveraging big data and analytics will present interesting opportunities for businesses to source best talent from the pools. By analysing the patterns shown through data analysis, you can see how candidates are currently engaging with your business, while learning factors that influence their decision to apply and accept the job offer. Through this method, you can improve your supply chain strategy and attract wider scope of candidates.

  1.    Rise of gig economy

Gig economy is a growing global phenomenon. When you need talents to work for temporary or occasional projects, you can consider hiring freelancers or part-timers. Offering more varied skills and abilities, hiring the freelance generation is one of the best ways to address talent shortage in the supply chain industry.

  1.    Think mobile

As more job seekers are relying on their smartphone to keep themselves updated, while on the move, business leaders should respond to this trend by going mobile. With more people checking latest job openings on their smartphone, you have to make sure that your company website is user-friendly and optimised for mobile display.

  1.    Candidate experience

Employer branding is crucial to ensure a smooth candidate experience. Not only focusing on how to please your customer, it is time to boost candidate experience during the hiring process as well. To attract the best talents, you need to sell your company and create positive impression. When employers are committed in improving their brand and engagement strategy, they tend to retain top performers within the organisation.

Adapt with changing trends in social media to engage with candidates and communicate using different platforms, such as by using Instagram and Facebook to showcase the company profile or posting photographs of recent events within the company that displays workplace culture and team size. This can help build a positive impression about your brand and attract potential talents to your business.

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