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Digital Platforms in Freight Networks Supply Chain 

Digital freight networks (DFN) are a new class of freight service providers that combine technology, data, and a dense network of carriers and shippers to reduce the inefficiencies in the freight industry. Unlike traditional brokers and asset-based carriers that focus primarily on transporting freight, DFNs move freight more efficiently while also providing insights that help

Preparing Supply Chain for AI, Blockchain & Machine Learning: 5 Questions to Ask

Data is the new oil – it becomes more essential than ever. Technological leaps like blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning run on data. They’re already beginning to transform supply chain operations across many sectors. So, is your supply chain organization prepared to adopt these emerging technologies and generate operational improvements to deliver the anticipated

The Future Prediction of Logistics Industry: Global Forecast 2030

Logistics companies are facing an era of unprecedented change as digitisation takes hold and customer expectations evolve. New technology enables greater efficiency and more collaborative operating models reshape the marketplace in ways that become apparent. With all these challenges and opportunities, the logistics market is projected to be worth around US$75 billion by 2030, the

How Supply Chain Can Mitigate Macrotrend Risks

There is a belief that proactive company can turn a potentially disastrous situation into a market opportunity – of course, with proper forethought and action. The story of Nokia, for example, they bounced back in late 2000 after a fire damaged water inventory at their supplier’s factory, which then affected their production. Nokia’s quick response

What will be the Future of Recruitment in Logistics?

Compared to other fields of industry, working in logistics might not have cool and appealing images for younger generation such as Millennials and Gen Z. When the word resounds ‘logistics’, there are good chances that people will directly think about cargo driver or man lifting piles of boxes in a dusty warehouse. While in fact,

How to Use AI to Transform Logistics and Supply Chain Industry?

Have you ever asked Siri to set an alarm or timer on your iPhone? Or have you ever asked Cortana to show you directions through your Smartphone? Without realising, artificial intelligence (AI) has now become part of your daily life in today’s rapidly evolving world. Not only making life easier, the new wave of machine