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How to Create Appealing Advertising Campaign for Your Logistics Brand

Transportation and logistics industry is becoming more important than ever. The increasing demand for delivery services leads to intensifying competition among logistics organisations as they want to offer the best performance, service and pricing. Owing to this reason, it becomes one of the major challenge for logistics company to promote their businesses and invite target

Most Wanted Skills in Logistic And Supply Chain 2018

Are you thinking about pursuing a new career this year? Have you ever considered diving your head into logistics and supply chain industry? When hearing ‘logistics jobs’, there are good chances that most people will think about a job involving the delivery of products from one point to another. While this is not wrong, this

The Assassin Deliveryman

Interview with Muhammad Aidil Abdullah, Singapore Group Leader, Qxpress Pte Ltd The e-commerce market in Singapore is expected to be worth US$5.4bn (S$7.46bn) by 2025, according to a recent report by Temasek and Google. The report states that the Republic’s e-commerce market was valued at US$1bn in 2015, with online shopping making up 2.1 per

Why Pursue a Career in Procurement?

Are you planning to work in the supply chain industry? Why not pursue a career in procurement? Procurement is one of the many specialised jobs under supply chain category. With increasing economic demands, procurement officers are becoming a major contributor for company’s growth. Working in the field of procurement means that you are responsible for

Decoding the Success Mantras of Successful Logistics Professionals

Having desires in achieving career success must be on everyone’s agenda, no matter the size of that dream. But as an employee, you should know that different businesses require different ways of achieving your career goals. Today, we decipher the success mantras of successful logistics professionals where you can pick up some tips! Even if

Career Fields in Logistics and Supply Chain Management You Should Know About

Are you pursuing a degree and have the ambition to build your career in logistics and supply chain management? Or are you a fresh graduate who wants to have a challenging career in logistics? If so, we have collated some valuable information you need to know about the different career fields in this industry! Job