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The Holiday Season: Logistics Roles During Peak Seasons

From Easter, Christmas, Eid, to New Year, holidays often become the busiest days for logistic companies because customer’s demands are usually seeing significant growth during these times. Aside from professionals in the logistics industry, few people will probably put any thought into how their beloved consumer products find their way onto shelves. The products are

5 Impactful Logistics and Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2018

The advent of digitalisation have penetrated all sectors of industry and disrupted the way people conduct their businesses. The logistics and supply chain industry is no exception. Logistics is playing central role in improving an organisation’s efficiency in streamlining and controlling the flow of goods distribution in every industry. With the coming of automation and

Six Biggest Procurement Challenges for Logistic Managers

Just like the two sides of a coin, there are always two opposite edges to everything. While technological advancements have made things easier, at some point technology has also complicated things than ever before. And procurement in logistics management is witnessing the good and bad of advancements in technology, much like other business streams. In

Are Jobs in Logistics and Inventory Management Vulnerable to Automation?

Automation is changing the paradigms in traditional warehouse operations. Logistics companies across the globe seek for enhancing the order accuracy through the use of material handling (MH) equipment, conveyor systems and robotic automation. E-commerce as the unseparated bottomline of logistics today also brings a great challenge for more efficient, low-cost delivery processes to distribute the