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Why You Should Change Your EDI Partners?

A brief about EDI logistics To achieve effective and efficient logistics and supply chain practices in each process is almost impossible without the presence of technology today. In most cases, technology plays crucial roles in our everyday end-to-end communication between logistics providers and clients. Thanks to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology, the daunting tasks of

The Holiday Season: Logistics Roles During Peak Seasons

From Easter, Christmas, Eid, to New Year, holidays often become the busiest days for logistic companies because customer’s demands are usually seeing significant growth during these times. Aside from professionals in the logistics industry, few people will probably put any thought into how their beloved consumer products find their way onto shelves. The products are

Future of Delivery: DHL Parcelcopter

Commonly used in military service as well as recreational use, nowadays drone technology is being developed for wider usage in other sectors of industry. Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled by a remote pilot from the ground. According to Business Insider, by 2021, there will be more companies using this technology. However,

4 Common Warehouse Problems and Its Solutions

From time to time, warehouse managers face challenges on how to maximise performance while improving efficiency. In logistics and supply chain industry, running a smooth warehouse management is crucial in ensuring excellent customer buying experience so you have to keep checking whether the right products have been stored in the right place and shipped to

Must-Have Qualities to Land a Job in Logistics and Supply Chain

Are you considering to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain industry? If you think that the job in this industry requires rock-hard and strong body as you have to deal with heavy packages every day, that might not be necessarily true. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, online marketplace, and similar internet-powered business,

How Logistics Companies Can Boost Communication with Employees?

Communication is a vital key in logistics and supply chain management to ensure smooth and seamless operation. Not only between customers and suppliers, logistics leaders should encourage better communication amongst employees as well. How do you boost internal communication to improve company’s bottom line? Technological advances have led to creation of a more competitive business

Decoding the Success Mantras of Successful Logistics Professionals

Having desires in achieving career success must be on everyone’s agenda, no matter the size of that dream. But as an employee, you should know that different businesses require different ways of achieving your career goals. Today, we decipher the success mantras of successful logistics professionals where you can pick up some tips! Even if

Logistics: Skills You Need to be Successful

Looking to pursue a career in Logistics? Logistics deals with many vital things such as managing the distribution of goods on a global scale and linking the customers with items such as food, water, clothing and healthcare. Embarking on a logistics career might not be too difficult as this field is still actively hiring. As