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No Supply Chain Can be 100% Secure: Here is What TO DO 

Today’s new security systems allow threatening materials, weapons, drugs and currency to be detected and identified automatically, even in concealed shipments. Even so, enhancing security levels should still become a major priority for governments and companies due to reliance on technology that is continuously growing. For instance, in some parcel bomb incident discoveries, the US

The Cost of Unproductive Time in Distribution and Fulfilment 

Managers are expected to improve operational efficiency by getting back mere seconds from each workflow to improve overall time and cost savings. According to Honeywell research, nearly 8 out of 10 (79 percent) managers have been tasked with finding cost savings from existing operations. Given that, managers should be able to put priorities. In terms

The Ultimate Guide for Retailers  to Enter International eCommerce

eCommerce is reshaping the global retail market since the turn of the century’s booming of online shopping trends. Internet access has reached all corners of the world while smartphones have quickly become an intrinsic part in the lives of billions of people. In this case, eCommerce has opened up a whole new shopping world, providing

Here are the Effective Way to Master Supply Chain Labelling

Following the transformational supply chain and technology advancements, companies need to look at labelling differently to keep pace with the evolving tech and to meet the demands of new multi-faceted, dynamic supply chains, Loftware reported. Such is needed to ensure supply chain success because labels convey more and more critical information, such as product details,

2 Ways to Get Your Delivery Economy Right 

When was the last time a consumer visits your store to buy their monthly groceries or Christmas presents? With the advancement of technology, more and more people are leaving the ritual of coming to a physical store to shop. With everything is now available on the internet, consumers no longer need to leave their home

Transportation Operation Challenges and Solutions

“When conducting a strategic assessment or solution design within a transportation operation, transportation professionals should be looking for ways to create cost reductions while improving service levels.” – Envista  What is transportation operation?  Transportation operation (transport operation) is a movement of a single type of goods from one place of origin, where the goods are

Is Your Cargo Totally Protected? Here’s How to Make Sure About It 

As per the report by TT Club and BSI, cargo theft from road vehicles accounted for 84 percent of all modalities of theft with 13 percent coming from warehouse/storage areas, 1 percent from freight trains, and 2 percent other areas. Food and beverage, where the most commonly stolen items come from, account for around 19

7 Questions to Ask When Selecting the Right TMS

Transportation Management System (TMS) is a digital platform that streamlines shipping processes by providing visibility into all transportation activities in one online interface. It deals with planning, execution, and optimisation of the physical movement of goods. TMS also provides insights into new ways that shipper can save time and money on future shipments. In a

How Mobile Technology Reshape Supply Chain Management

Mobile technology has played a key role in supply-chain management, particularly in the warehouse. Mobile devices are faster and handier in helping the work of supply chain management, such that it can facilitate advanced communication and help businesses operate more effectively. On this matter, Adrian Gonzales, the director of the Logistics Viewpoints blog, commented that

4 Strategies to Improve Supply Chain Visibility for Better Consumer Experience

Robert van der Meulen said that customers are influenced by their experience of the supply chain – even in the simplest terms, it is easy to see that a late delivery can disappoint, whereas an expedited delivery can delight. As important as Meulen’s message, the delivery of exceptional customer experience is critical to an organisation’s