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Guide for Powerful Employer Branding in Logistics and Supply Chain

Nobody wants to be trapped in a fraud company whos name no one ever heard of. Owing to that reason, ‘employer branding’ has become the new hiring strategy for logistics and supply chain leaders who want to fetch the best talents. Amidst today’s fierce business competition, building positive branding is no longer merely nice-to-have, but

Achieving Hiring Success in Logistics and Supply Chain

Recruitment is one of most fundamental practices to ensure both short and long-term organisation’s growth. Given the importance of human capital for the sustainability of the business, it needs the right hiring strategy to find qualified talents who can perform their functions properly. Not only having skilled competences, talents are also expected to showcase particular

Recruiting Right for Logistics and Supply Chain

Hiring the right talents is crucial for every leader who envisions to scale up their business to new heights; logistics and supply chain operations are no exception indeed. Globalisation has opened both – new opportunities and complex challenges, so fetching the right talent to bring value to your business network is imperative. However, recruiting the