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Must-Have Qualities to Land a Job in Logistics and Supply Chain

Are you considering to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain industry? If you think that the job in this industry requires rock-hard and strong body as you have to deal with heavy packages every day, that might not be necessarily true. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, online marketplace, and similar internet-powered business,

Increasing Profits in Logistics and Supply Chain: Important Tips to Reduce Operational Cost

Most business leaders will agree that the best way to gain profits is by reducing operational costs, especially in logistics and supply chain industry. Keeping logistics costs under control is often top priority to improve company bottom line. While the explosion of activities in the ecommerce retail sector is an advantage for warehousing companies, you

How to Prepare for Logistics Interview?

So you are a graduate in supply chain management and intend to pursue a career in logistics. After sending the job application, you manage to get an interview call from the logistics service provider  for the job you always wanted. To succeed in this interview, you need to learn how to prepare for everything and