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5 Characteristics of Top-Notch Logistics Provider

As your business is expanding, you might need a partner to deliver and distribute your products around the world. In this case, working with a third party logistics (3PL) provider can be an option. According to a recent study, 73 percent 3PL users and 92 percent of 3PL providers agree that 3PL provides new and

How the Evolution of Consumer Behaviour is Changing Logistics Service

Nowadays, shopping experience is almost unrecognisable to that of just a decade ago. The comfort and easiness coming from digital technology is changing consumer behavior too. Now they have shifted where, when, why, and how they shop. Days where you have to jostle with the crowd to purchase your favourite clothing brand have long gone.

The Rise of the Asian Omni-channel Places 3PLs at a Strategic Crossroads

by Danny Halim, Vice President, Wholesale Distribution and 3PL Industry, JDA Software Asian consumers are driving double-digit growth in e-commerce, giving the APAC region the fastest growth rate in the world. This rapid acceleration is attributed to the easy and affordable access to the Internet via smartphones. Even more stunning is that these smartphones socially