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Performance Management in Supply Chain & Operations 

Today, material planners, customer order managers, and professionals outside supply chain departments can easily prioritise their daily operations by using cross-functional supply chain information. However, according to a Deloitte survey, there are two sides of trade-offs which will greatly affect the developments and should be the focus on professionals and supply chain managers. First, with

4 Core Supply Chain Capabilities

Organisations are moving away from focusing their supply chain efforts on functional excellence to leveraging supply chain as a strategic capability, Deloitte study found. With this, supply chain firms should fulfil the core capabilities that form the functional backbone of the supply chain itself. These core capabilities also help supply chain operations at leveraging its

Restarting & Synchronising Supply Chain with the New Normal 

Leading an organisation through the rebound from COVID-19, when uncertainty and concerns over the health and safety of people remain, will be challenging. Needless to say, restarting complex global supply chains that have been impacted by both demand-side shocks and supply-side disruptions will not be easy. Yet, the pivot that organisations must make is across

What is Port-Centric Logistics? 

Port acts as a natural decoupling point in the supply chain and hence represents the most convenient place to position inventory and undertake customising activities. In this fundamental, port-centric logistics might be considered as a way for businesses to streamline their supply chains and reduce their impact on the environment. For lots of organisations, post-centric

Recovering Process for Supply Chain in The COVID-19 Crisis 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis without a modern parallel. The lack of precedent for a black swan event so broad in its impact across geographic, demographic, and economic sectors explains why many public and private sector organisations were already becoming strained before the WHO officially declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020. Today,

5 Affordable Procurement Software in 2020 

In this day and age, businesses can make the best use of technology to help them make a difference in terms of the acquisition of supplies. In this case, procurement software does just that. Procurement software helps automate the purchasing process and manages all activities related to an organisation’s expenditure. It makes complex processes easier,

COVID-19: Digitations in Supply Chain & What To Adapt 

Overall impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain remains unknown even though it is forecasted normalcy in China return in April, Reuters reported. China’s role in global trade has grown significantly as a primary producer of high-value products and components that are exported globally. China has also become a large customer of global commodities and

Labour Challenge in the Supply Chain Industry during COVID-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic is more than a global health crisis. It is also a major labour market and economic crisis that is having a huge impact on a lot of people. Labour challenge in the supply chain industry  The International Labour Organisation (ILO) reported that significant deterioration driven by the extension of containment measures has

Business Tips for Savvy Supply Chain

Supply chain is the lifeblood of any business, impacting everything from the quality, delivery, and costs of business products and services to customer service and satisfaction. No wonder, the pressures on supply chain teams, including maintaining its sustainability, cost efficiency, disruption and risk mitigation are increasingly growing in terms of complexity. Based on IBM research, many

Airfreight Guideline for Logistics Industry 

Cargo supply chains, the process of moving goods from origin to destination, are often complex and subject to a range of regulatory requirements, especially when they include international movements and transport by airfreight. The cargo will be handled along the chain by a number of entities with varying responsibilities, including aircraft operators, express carriers, postal