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Coronavirus: Its Impact on Global Supply Chain & the Solution

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) which was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019, has now become a global threat as it spreads to more countries and raises death tolls. The impact of the outbreak goes beyond health and safety, with the world’s economic growth already hurting from the virus. The supply chain industry is

Global Relocation: How Can Expats Cut Down on Costs by Smartly Selecting Moveable Items?

2016 has been an interesting year, particularly in the later half, when we observed a surge in enquiries for self-managed moves. Most recently, the uncertainty caused by Brexit and the change in the U.S administration have played a significant role in encouraging global relocation. For instance, many international corporations based in the U.K. now have

Rise of the Robots

With the rapid advances in artificial intelligence and automation, robots are no longer mere science fiction. Especially in this ever-changing industry, the best are characterised by those who understand the importance of taking risks and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking by introducing modern solutions that will not only add values to existing systems, but

Wading in French Waters

It is official: Temasek Holdings is selling off Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) to French ocean carrier CMA CGM Group, a French shipping line that has been in operation since 1855, for US$2.4bn in cash. According to Alphaliner, a research consultancy company, CMA CGM will have a combined fleet that takes 11.5 per cent of the