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Skills in Demands in Logistics and Supply Chain in 2017

As more countries are open to global trade, logistics and supply chain jobs become one among the most prospective career options for young talents. With the Baby Boomer is soon entering the retirement phase, the industry could expect to see an influx of Millennials joining the workforce. The job market in the industry is expanding

Six Biggest Procurement Challenges for Logistic Managers

Just like the two sides of a coin, there are always two opposite edges to everything. While technological advancements have made things easier, at some point technology has also complicated things than ever before. And procurement in logistics management is witnessing the good and bad of advancements in technology, much like other business streams. In

Why Pursue a Career in Procurement?

Are you planning to work in the supply chain industry? Why not pursue a career in procurement? Procurement is one of the many specialised jobs under supply chain category. With increasing economic demands, procurement officers are becoming a major contributor for company’s growth. Working in the field of procurement means that you are responsible for