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6 Top-Notch Technologies to Boost Supply Chain

Technology has been increasingly becoming the key to company’s success, innovation, and competitive edge in today’s digital era. Many organisations are now investing more in technological development to support their businesses. Likewise, technology offers a solution for improved accuracy and increased revenue. Companies that are fully-integrated with automation are outpacing non-integrated companies by 20 percent

The Assassin Deliveryman

Interview with Muhammad Aidil Abdullah, Singapore Group Leader, Qxpress Pte Ltd The e-commerce market in Singapore is expected to be worth US$5.4bn (S$7.46bn) by 2025, according to a recent report by Temasek and Google. The report states that the Republic’s e-commerce market was valued at US$1bn in 2015, with online shopping making up 2.1 per

Streamlining Supply Chain Management on Cloud

Streamlining business on cloud computing is currently the most strategic way to keep businesses thriving and remain competitive. It has been noticed that the supply chain industry is currently also following this trend. According to an SCM World study, there are several interesting insights into how cloud computing applications and platforms are streamlining supply chain

Salary Trends for Supply Chain Professionals in Singapore 2016

With the surge of investments pouring in from the West has made Asia, the growing economic powerhouse and organisations in the region are looking forward to expand their business. However, with the expansion plans signalled comes the calling for global talent and skill shortage, which has made it difficult for most industries to thrive in

Career Fields in Logistics and Supply Chain Management You Should Know About

Are you pursuing a degree and have the ambition to build your career in logistics and supply chain management? Or are you a fresh graduate who wants to have a challenging career in logistics? If so, we have collated some valuable information you need to know about the different career fields in this industry! Job