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2019 Logistics & Supply Chain Resolutions You Should Have

Major business goals in logistics and supply chain nowadays is accelerating technological transformation within organisations. In 2019, logistics and supply chain leaders are aiming to automate, integrate, and optimise company’s planning, decision making, and execution to boost efficiency and reduce cost. However, according to ICORN Tech, many organisations are still struggling in devising a roadmap

Stay Up-to-Date with These 5 Levels of Freight Automations

Generation 4.0 – the application of the Internet of Things, the use of advanced robotics, the application of advanced analytics of big data: place sensors in everything, create networkers everywhere, automate anything, and analyse everything to significantly improve performance and customer satisfaction. Do you agree with the statement above? If the answer is yes, you

6 Top-Notch Technologies to Boost Supply Chain

Technology has been increasingly becoming the key to company’s success, innovation, and competitive edge in today’s digital era. Many organisations are now investing more in technological development to support their businesses. Likewise, technology offers a solution for improved accuracy and increased revenue. Companies that are fully-integrated with automation are outpacing non-integrated companies by 20 percent

5 Extraordinary Ways to Optimise an End-to-End Supply Chain

Nowadays, businesses focus more on customer-centric model. Following the trend, your supply chain should also pay more attention to the end customer. Miebach study noted that companies that optimise their supply chain can potentially reduce inventory costs of total between 20 percent and 30 percent, and even reduce cost for individual items by up to

4 Things You Need to Know Before Applying Jobs in Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and supply chain is a professional job that ensure the customers meet their needs of product. Working in the field of logistics and supply chain can open up great career opportunity as there are many roles in logistics and supply chain that are greater and more rewarding than any other jobs in other industry.

Resume Tips: How to Land Job in Logistics and Supply Chain When You Have No Related Experience

Have you always been keen on pursuing a professional career in logistics and supply chain? One day, your dream logistics and supply chain company has just posted a new job opening and you cannot wait to send your job application. But you are wavered as there is a problem: it requires prior years of experience

Being New Logistics Employee? Get Ready for these Challenges at the Workplace!

After sending bunch of job applications and going through rounds of tests and interviews, finally you land your dream job and sign the employment contract. Congratulations! Now you are officially working in logistics industry. As a new hire, you must be excited with your new role and committed to work hard to show your dedication

6 Tips to Manage Logistics for Ecommerce

In the United States, retail ecommerce sales hit $115.3 billion in the third quarter of 2017 and it is predicted to keep soaring each year. This figure represents how the ecommerce sector is currently undergoing a rapid growth. In today’s internet-powered business, people who work in the ecommerce sector are required to improve their performance

7 Essential Tips to Manage Logistics for Small Business

Regardless of your business type, logistics is an integral part of any enterprise, both small and big ones. It deals with what, where, when, and how materials should be distributed, either from supplier or to the clients. In the process of delivering products and services to the customers, it is crucial for business owners to

Guide for Powerful Employer Branding in Logistics and Supply Chain

Nobody wants to be trapped in a fraud company whos name no one ever heard of. Owing to that reason, ‘employer branding’ has become the new hiring strategy for logistics and supply chain leaders who want to fetch the best talents. Amidst today’s fierce business competition, building positive branding is no longer merely nice-to-have, but