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How Supply Chain Can Mitigate Macrotrend Risks

There is a belief that proactive company can turn a potentially disastrous situation into a market opportunity – of course, with proper forethought and action. The story of Nokia, for example, they bounced back in late 2000 after a fire damaged water inventory at their supplier’s factory, which then affected their production. Nokia’s quick response

DHL Study on Logistics Strategies in the Race to the Urban Consumer

Recent DHL study titled “Shortening the Last Mile: Winning Logistics Strategies in the Race to the Urban Consumer” revealed that since 2008, urban populations significantly increase to over half of today’s population, from 3.4 billion to 4.2 billion. In terms of technology usage, there is significant development as well. Back then, only 1 in 100

Decoding the Success Mantras of Successful Logistics Professionals

Having desires in achieving career success must be on everyone’s agenda, no matter the size of that dream. But as an employee, you should know that different businesses require different ways of achieving your career goals. Today, we decipher the success mantras of successful logistics professionals where you can pick up some tips! Even if