The Power and Advantage of Mobile Printing in Warehouse

The Power and Advantage of Mobile Printing in Warehouse

To stay competitive in logistics sectors, warehouse managers should find ways to maximise productivity while increasing speed and accuracy. A comprehensive strategy to achieve this is by implementing mobile printers to help drive down costs and boost productivity. SATO’s white paper on “The Case for Mobile Printing in the Warehouse” found that “mobile printers have proven their utility in cross-docking, quality assurance/inspection, receiving, and other warehouse operations by improving efficiency and accuracy, eliminating process bottlenecks, and enabling new levels of visibility.” Moreover, recent data from SATO research also revealed that global mobile thermal printer market will exceed $500 million by 2021.

By using mobile printers in your warehouse, you can create routing labels, label pallets, or re-label cases as soon as goods come off a truck. It can also be used during receiving and shipping operations, for pick and pack operations, and to label containers on pallets in yard. It means that mobile printer allows for faster and more accurate printing as they can enhance and improve existing cross-docking and ship-to processes.

Furthermore, according to Datex, mobile printers can save on average $29,000 per year and only requires ¼ time as fixed printers work. Not only will mobile printers save your annual costs and boost productivity, it will also help reduce operator errors and eliminate costs associated with errors. Other advantages of using mobile printers include streamlining operational processes, eliminating travel distance, as well as saving mileage on forklifts. Thus, if you want to implement mobile printers in your warehouse, as proposed by Datamax-o’neil, there are five sectors that can be significantly improved.

Sector #1 Receiving docks  

By applying mobile printing in this sector, you can eliminate time required for round trips between dock and office, as well as minimise chance that a worker could apply a wrong label. Labeling items in this manner also ensures that 100 percent of incoming items are bar-coded, so warehouse applications can be fully leveraged.

Sector #2 Cross-docking

Mobile printing can optimise cross-docking procedures used at a transshipment point to save time and labour in moving goods from an inbound vehicle to an outbound vehicle. Your worker can as well receive inbound shipments, log them into warehouse with mobile computer, and use mobile printer to create label with appropriate cross-docking information. Thus, you can speed the process while improving accuracy.

Sector #3 Putaway tasks

Inventory is labelled as it is placed in putaway location to ensure location accuracy. By using mobile printing, you can eliminate trips across facility to print labels. So, users can print label on putaway route reducing mileage on equipment. This is 62 percent faster than using fixed printers.  

Sector #4 Picking tasks

By enabling operators to pick multiple orders simultaneously and within small footprint, mobile printers drive down empty transit time and drive p productivity. So, you can speed the sorting of items for shipment as mobile printers can provide functions with similar time and cost savings.

Sector #5 Packing and shipping    

Mobile printer create label for finished goods so you can manage ship-to-order requirements easily. Workers can use labels and scanning to verify the pick/pack of all items necessary to complete an order, eliminating the need to identify and label final assemblies. Additionally, when order finishes, mobile printer creates shilling label ensuring accuracy in packing and shipping.

Besides those five sectors, mobile printers are also proved effective in driving efficiencies in other labelling, including asset tracking, compliance labelling, inventory control, real-time tracking status and spare parts, spare parts inventory, and many more. In conclusion, mobile printers are more effective and efficient than other fixed printers. By optimising and adapting the use of mobile printers in your warehouse, both warehouse and workers can feel its huge advantages.  

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