Logistics Flowchart: Understanding How Good Logistics Work

Logistics Flowchart: Understanding How Good Logistics Work

Logistics goes beyond unifying processes and parties. In specific terms, logistics  is all about data leverage and collaboration, meaning that it takes a piece of data and combines it with others. Logistics should provide comprehensive reporting capabilities and an audit trail.

Descartes mentioned that logistics should provide unprecedented levels of coordination and control of the inbound supply chain by providing tools, instead of just rules, to suppliers to work more closely with their retail partners. Logistics also directly involves carrier in a collaborative process that goes beyond simply taking a booking. Thus, logistics can unite the processes of inbound visibility, shipment consolidation, shipment booking, route guides, compliant labelling, delivery appointment scheduling, and more.

Additionally, Edraw has created a good flowchart in how logistics really works. From customer’s calls to customers receiving goods, here is logistics flowchart ‘story’ actually is:

Andya is an employee and live in Indonesia. She has been a customer of company X for a long time. Andya wanted to surprise her beloved family. She was thinking to send a handmade parcel to her family in German as Valentine’s day is few days away. She then went to store and wrapped the presents. After finished wrapping, Andya called the shipping company to take her parcel and sent the mail.

An hour or so, Andya waited for the courier to come. Until then, the courier of ‘express’ company came to get the parcel. The courier arrived at the door and asked Andya to fill in the mailing information. Before leaving Andya’s house, the courier confirmed the information. Courier left and confirmed the information to ‘express’ company.

The next day, ‘express’ delivery came for Andya’s parcel and other parcels at ‘express’ company. Workers moved the parcels from warehouse to trucks. The ‘express’ delivery, then, sent the parcels to the logistics centre.


Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com

Long, long the trucks go along the way until it arrived in transit. In transit, workers sorted all of the parcels according to destination. So Andya’s parcel is sorted into German destination. After being sorted, the plane flew and arrived in German International Airport. The parcel arrived at German transit. It has arrived in German, the destination.

logistics job asia

Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com

After being checked in the transit, a Germany courier took the delivery. The courier sorted the parcel again to each address it should be delivered. After finished doing so, the courier delivered the goods. It went long way through woods and roads until courier arrived to Andya family’s house. He stopped and delivered the parcel to Andya’s family.

Finally, recipient acknowledged receipt of the parcel and signed in a notification that the parcel has been handed in a safe and good condition. This marks the end of logistics journey.

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